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Grace Under the Oaks

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Mission of Grace Under the Oaks, Inc. is to provide a respectful and encouraging environment that fosters opportunities for learning and personal growth to individuals with special needs through adaptive riding and equine-assisted activities.


Grace Under the Oaks provides adaptive riding, which is recreational horseback riding lessons for people with special needs. This is taught by PATH, Intl. certified instructors and is available for children and adults meeting their health and safety requirements. Participants find that the connection with the horses and equine activities enhance their lives and gives them the tools to overcome their challenges, providing them with the tools to overcome the trials of daily life.

Grace Under the Oaks serves children and adults with a variety of mental, physical, and emotional challenges. Instructors design and monitor individualized lessons for each student to address their physical, emotional, and social needs while learning horsemanship and riding skills.

- Stephanie


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