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At CIL Jacksonville we empower all people with any disability to achieve their independent living goals by providing community-based programs and self-directed services.

CIL Jacksonville was chartered in 1978 by Reverend J.W. Wynn, Senator Stephen Wise, and Stan Carter. Since its charter, CIL has empowered tens of thousands of people with disabilities to achieve their goals for independence. CIL continues to be a community-based, consumer-controlled nonprofit organization which is run by and for people with disabilities.



Advocacy services provide individuals the tools to advocate for themselves and makes systems change in the community.

Peer Mentoring and Support

Peer Mentoring and Support connects people with disabilities to build social and support networks.


Transition assists individuals leaving or avoiding institutional settings to gain and maintain community-based living.

Independent Living Skills Training

Independent Living Skills Training provide individuals and groups with critical skills to gain and maintain independence.

Information and Referral

Information and Referral Program is the clearing house for disability related information. The program connects individuals with and without disabilities to local, state, and federal resources.


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